I’m a global game jam enthusiast. I went to my first global game jam in 2010 and never stopped going afterwards.

Not all of the games were equally fun and exiting, but I definitely enjoyed making them.

Here’s a list of all the games I’ve made over the years.


2010: Mr Blanky

A little girl who’s lost her blanket ends up in a strange world trying to get it back

2011: Purge

Manipulate waves of opposing forces while you try to destroy their home planet

2012: Size Matters

Puzzle/Platformer in which you control a ball-like object with the ability to change size.

Size Matters eventually led to the commercially released game: iO

2013: HeartCore

Fix wounds by shooting cells, which clump together.

2014: Segmentation Fault

Cooperative puzzle game in which you and a teammate both control robots. Something went wrong with the wiring and you end up seeing the other player’s visuals. Clear communication is required to both make it to the exit

2015: Combo

A collection of mini-games in which three players each play a small game. The catch is that every now and then, the controls swap.

2016: Weird Willy’s Wonky Metal Arena

Combo/Rhythm game in which the player has to defeat waves of enemies by quickly casting the correct spell by entering a string of button presses

2017: Space Whale Boris

Puzzle/Platformer in which the player has to make whale-like noises in the computer’s microphone in order to manipulate the obstacles in the level. The game detects microphone input pitch in order to change the level geometry